Beautifully Undressed

This blog is an exploration and admiration to the beautiful art that is the human body. I track the tag beautifullyundressed and any information can be found below but I am always open to questions. (18+ ONLY PLEASE) Click on my contact page for all my social sites and here is my Amazon Wishlist Thing.

Hey all!!

Tonight is a special night! I will be doing a girl and girl show on chaturbate tonight with qtbooty… Go follow her on chaturbate and make sure you watch for us tonight! Go grab some tokens and be prepared to spend some money on us! If you cant afford to, come have a chat! You are welcome to talk to us as long as you are respectful!

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I love when you use wigs! I think you're gorgeous!


Me too. Thank you.

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I am lucky I have lizcabrera as my partner in crime. We create art together, we pay for each other when we are in tight spots, we love each other like we’ve been together forever. Sometimes I wonder where I would be without you but then I forget the thought because I don’t want to be without you.

I love you.

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When you are fat and hungry and you have no food or money ))):

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