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theres a new episode of osuth park coming out called “the cissy” and its going to be about making fun of trans kids and since so many people irl watch south park its going to be even harder to say anything or correct anyone without becoming a fucking joke because of South Park

Its lame as shit that they make fun of everyone but they even had a whole 3 episodes (cartoon wars and simpons did it) about not giving a fuck and showing everything and every type of person as a joke. They made fun of mentally disabled but gave jimmy power and courage, they made fun of gingers but gave them power to “destroy everyone that isnt a ginger”, they made fun of people with torettes with eric and then he actually developed them. I doubt it will just bash the trans community without retaliation but because their philosophy is to make fun of every possible group of people, if you feel offended, stop watching the show. It sucks that you cant influence others not to watch something but at least you can stop if it really bothers. Their episodes are getting worse and worse and worse as time goes by. Its not been funny to me since season 8…18 seasons is too much for a show that makes fun of everything to not get to this point. I used to love that show it was the only thing that would get me out of depression and now it causes it. Also…did no1 get offended when mr garrison became the face if trans people in south park? Like he is a fucked up character and acts like a total fucktard and he full transitioned from mtf and then back from ftm simply because he is an idiot and not because they understood trans people.

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The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.

This is what I think about daily. I have 14 but I sometimes don’t realize they are there because I am not yet covered. Sigh.

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