Beautifully Undressed

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Fights with partner, makes up with partner, has dream that partner goes back to ex lover and calls her telling her how much they miss her and that they don’t care how much she cheated on them…wakes up in a pool of tears and a horrible stomach ache…can’t sleep now because of paranoia.

What is wrong with my brain?! I am n
So fucking sad right now. That was one of the worst dreams I have had in a long ass time and it felt so fucking real…fuck my stupid fucking brain.

I love my partner more than anyone and anything. Dreams like this should never happen but they do every night.. I am tired of being so helpless..i need some really serious help.

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Love your post and you style


Haha thank you my dear.

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I would love to chat


Chat away.

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You are so sexy.


Thank you!

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