Beautifully Undressed

This blog is an exploration and admiration to the beautiful art that is the human body. I track the tag beautifullyundressed and any information can be found below but I am always open to questions. (18+ ONLY PLEASE) Click on my contact page for all my social sites and here is my Amazon Wishlist Thing.

Sorry if this annoys you…but

Make sure to check out my pages for links to my videos that you can buy. they are priced differently as each page is different. Help me out if you can, if you can’t that is totally ok, I love you all and always will.

I have saved up enough money to buy a film camera and am going to wait for a certain type of medium format to sell before I buy one. Just need a digital and the medium format now!

But now I am in need of some new stuff for camming and room lighting. I have what I need on my wishlist if you want to just buy them for me for some sort of trade or you can buy my videos through me or extra lunch money and I will be able to afford some new equipment! All tokens that I earn on chaturbate on the other hand, are to be used for art and cost of living and strictly that, nothing else.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting me ♥

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Your blog has gone to shit. It's literally fifty percent "Come see me on Chaturbate," thirty percent "I need money!" and twenty percent art/body positivity. You have totally lost your artistic focus for the sake of cash. Shame.


I have not lost my artistic focus. I realize this blog has stopped up but It’s mine and not yours so leave? I am in a situation right now where i need chaturbate to pay my rent and help me with art supplies. Everything i get there is towards my art and survival…how do you not know this??? I am too ugly and dont have the “right body” to be a paid model and I really don’t want to do anything else. This blog was never about 100% body positivity. It was about me exploring photographers and models that can inspire me. I see their stuff on my dash everyday and they help me create art. I don’t need to keep up with your fucking standards of how i should run this fucking thing because though i believe strongly in the empowerment of people in their own skin this blog is a learning blog and A blog to boost and support artists. If you don’t like that I am not constantly posting my inspirations (because I don’t need to to reblog something to remember a fucking photograph) then fuck right off, i really don’t give a shit. The people that have stuck around have supported me for a while and still do and those who believe in me know that I do what I do to pay for my cost of living and to create art. Every time someone paypals me anything I buy film with it and use the rest to develop it. Its about me trying to become a better artist through practice and exploration in all mediums. This blog is not the center of my life.

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I sometimes get annoyed at the dumbest shit. Like the one thing that pisses me off more than anything is when applesauce made from 100% fruit is labeled vegan and gluten free. Like no fucking shit really?! I was so unaware!! Or how water bottles of regular water have “no sodium” and “0 calories per bottle”

It drives me insane. Like scratch my skin off climbing up the walls shouting the devils latin insane.

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