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I've never had sex with a guy or even touched a guy before cuz i've kinda always known i was gay but i'm terrified of when/if I ever get raped i feel like it would break me and i'd probably honestly kill them even if it meant dying myself


Are you not afraid of being raped by a woman? That happens pretty often but people dont think it does. I feel in any situation its 100% valid to have those feelings toward a person that forced themselves on you.

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How often do you masturbate?


Idk however often i cam.

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People seems to think i'm sexist because i don't feel comfortable around guys and i out right refuse to be places alone with them especially at night but its more like i know so many guys even though not all guys rape girls and think it's the girls fault, However having those rules of not beign alone with guys has saved me from alot of bad situations


I think its a great idea to have those rules. Even people you are comfortable with can try something. It doesn’t make you sexist its just being smart and looking out for yourself.

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I am a pod.


A pod of peas?

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if there are roughly 1 billion people on the planet WHY is it that there are people who cant find someone?


Because sometimes they are in the wrong place.

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Can I eat creamy hot wheat off of your boobs? Love, Poops


Only if you make it and don’t mess it up you weirdo.

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Ask me things or talk to me please. Ask is open to everyone.

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