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Do you know how to develop color film? If so, could you share a bit about how you learned to develop? I'm a photographer and I know how to develop black & white film, but not color.


I do not! Haha I was hoping to learn very soon. I only know worlds upon worlds about processing black and white but not color. I hear its a bit hard but I really want to learn as soon as I possibly can.

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I hate having to wait to get film developed. I really need my own darkroom…sadly I wont feel safe having one till I get my own house in the way future.

I really really want to develop this stuff nowww.

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To the girls that want to be a camgirl & think the life is glamorous and easy. Dont do it, unless you can handle bouts of life crippling anxiety that youre not enough

It is in no way easy.

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Sooooo much film and camera stuff on my wishlist. It feels right. Feels more like me.

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