Beautifully Undressed

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Are you on Chaturbate much?


Yea, I will be on almost every day after I write my essay.

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it's weird seeing you doing chaturbate cam shows and stuff like that because i used to follow you like a year ago and you were always like 'stop masturbating to my pictures, porn is wrong, this is pure art', blah blah blah.


I know it is weird. I believe I never said porn is wrong but I did shame people for doing it and I quickly realized that being open with your sexuality and body is nothing to be shamed for. I felt so horrible for treating so many people like that and I have changed how I see everyone no matter what industry they are in. And as far as the art goes I still don’t like it when my art is masturbated to but really what am I going to do? Different things turn different people on and I am not one to tell then what to or what not to do. I can’t control what happens and I have accepted that. Cam shows are different and I encourage masturbation; it is a healthy part of life.

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when is your next chaturbate show?


I think i will be on tonight after work!

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