Beautifully Undressed

This blog is an exploration and admiration to the beautiful art that is the human body. I track the tag beautifullyundressed and any information can be found below but I am always open to questions. (18+ ONLY PLEASE) Click on my contact page for all my social sites and here is my Amazon Wishlist Thing.

Are you ever going to get a real job? Like one that uses actually brain power? Go to college and make a living? You can't be a cam girl forever.


I am in college, I do have a “real” job also. I’m just trying to get money for my partners birthday and you people keep judging me and being a bag of dicks.

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Doing a chill cam show tonight and a raffle at the end! I hope to see you all there again! ((:

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Jk friends buy it.
You should buy me stuff too so i can do more interesting things on my shows lol i want all the sex toys! Yaaasss

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Ganna be home in a bit after i get food. Doing a tip multi goal tonight. 8 goals… Good stuff on there! I hope to see everyone tonight. Come chat with me and if you dont have an account make a free one and use taytaylfc as a reference.

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Why do you have a plus up your butt? What's that even for because it doesn't look pleasurable...



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I know this sounds stupid but what do butt plugs actually do? Like how are they used? Also, I love your blog. Sorry to bother you.


Depends on the person. Aside from making my butthole look like royalty, it puts pressure in the right place to help intensify orgasms. I haven’t have a ton of experience with plugs because I was always scared but it’s awesome.

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