Beautifully Undressed

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I'm sorry... I know what depression does and how it feels, so if it means anything I just really hope that you can stay happy. Just from someone who's also having a rough patch. I think you're an absolutely awesome person.


Thank you. All these messages have helped me a bit.

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Feel better. I know that's easier said than done. And you're right, the world's a mess. But it's a better place each day with you in it. Hang in there.


I feel like it just gets worse the longer I am here but I suppose I am just waiting for some big change to happen. 


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I can only imagine what you are going through. I'm happy you're getting help. My dad has depression and his medications weren't too helpful. He seemed to sink deeper into his hole while on them. His Dr helped him find ways to alleviate his depression like exercise, sex, etc. because the medication wasn't enough. Long story short, I hope you find the outlet that you need to help with the darkness you're in. Good luck love! Also, SJSU has psychiatrists (6 free sessions) if you need extra resources


I see the health center, psychiatrist, and a councilor at SJSU. If I don’t have medication my depression is replaced with overwhelming anxiety and I literally cannot do a single thing without throwing up. I take depression over throwing up any day.

Thank you my love.

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Your last few posts have been pretty dark and it seems like you are going through a lot. Honestly, I am a bit worried and I'm wondering if you see a counselor or anyone to assist you with the thoughts that keep running through your mind? I hope I am not offending you. Just a genuinely concerned follower.


I have been seeing a psychiatrist. It only helps me in the moment and I am on medication. I am feeling worse and worse everyday and I have no idea how to deal with it. The world seems to be getting closer to crashing and burning, more so than it used to be. I only see darkness, I don’t want to leave my room and I feel the need to sleep and sob away my problems just for that small moment in time. I do have microscopic glimpses of hope when people like you come check on me instead of call me names and kick me while I am already so to death. Something is just not right in my head and as I see it, the world is becoming more corrupt and I feel useless in it. But thank you, stuff like this doesn’t offend me and I am an open book with most everyone.

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My wishlist is updated and active with my address finally working. If you guys want to help me by purchasing any of the film or cameras on there it would be so much appreciated. It is also fixed on my homepage.

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Do you know how to develop color film? If so, could you share a bit about how you learned to develop? I'm a photographer and I know how to develop black & white film, but not color.


I do not! Haha I was hoping to learn very soon. I only know worlds upon worlds about processing black and white but not color. I hear its a bit hard but I really want to learn as soon as I possibly can.

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