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This blog is an exploration and admiration to the beautiful art that is the human body. I track the tag beautifullyundressed and any information can be found below but I am always open to questions. (18+ ONLY PLEASE) Click on my contact page for all my social sites and here is my Amazon Wishlist Thing.

I do get that you do it for the money... but what does your partner think about your shows? Is she okay with it?


She loves it! Plus her birthday is coming up sooo I am trying to get as much as possible for a really special gift.

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Ganna have a late show on chaturbate tonight. I have work at 4:30 and depending on when I get off, I will get on. I am super stoked to have a lot more supporters now.. Thanks so much you guys. The money will really really help me out.

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You make better money on Chaturbate? I know there are way more freeloaders there.


Yea actually I have been doing way better there. I don’t mind the freeloaders as much,sometimes they help get me tips from others but I like chatting more than anything. I have regulars that I have convos with and its pretty fun. Mfc was different every time and the most people i ever had on one show was like 30 lol

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Every time I get on cam it gets better and better. I raised enough money to help us for a few months. I have a few videos for sale if you are on chaturbate a lot and have tokens.

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Do i have to join your fan club to watch you cam?


Hellll no you can watch me whenever

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i cant see your cam for some reason if you are on caturbate?


Change the p to a b in the url and ull see me. Tumblr doesnt let me link it.

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